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Korean Steak Kabobs

A large bowl combines the soy sauce, light brown sugar, and sesame oil and whisks until the sugar dissolves.

  1. 2 cups soy sauce

  2. 9 garlic cloves

  3. ¾ cup sesame oil

  4. 1 ½ cup vegetable oil

  5. ¾ cup honey

  6. ¾ cup water

  7. ¾ cup sugar

  8. 3 tbsps. of grated ginger

  9. 1-2 tbsps. ketchup

  10. 1 tbsp. Siracha

  11. 2 pounds of beef tenderloin cut into 1 ½ inch cubes (you can also use top Sirloin)

  12. 14 smaller skewers or 5 large skewers

  13. Shisito peppers

  14. Red Onion cut into large cubes

Combine the first 10 ingredients. Divide in half. Take the first half and place in a large zip lock bag with cubed meat to marinate. Allow to marinate 2-3 hours. Take the remaining half and place in a saucepan and allow to reduce until sticky and thicker.

Pre-heat grill.

Skewer meat, onions, and peppers on skewers rotating each ingredient. Salt and pepper each. Don’t over salt because the soy sauce is already salty.

Grill until desired doneness. I like to grill them until the meat registers 128 degrees. While grilling baste with the reduced sauce. After removing you can sprinkle sesame seeds and diced chives on them for a pretty presentation if you like. They will be delicious anyway you serve them!

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