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The BEST grilled steak kabobs with vegetables - This is a must try easy and healthy recipe!

This grilled steak kabobs with Shishito peppers won the first round of the World Steak championship, leading to us winning the overall World Steak Championship in 2017! It is not only easy, but really delicious using our steak marinade that will be released soon! This marinade is an Asian inspired, umami filled recipe that works for any protein! We love it on Salmon, pork and chicken too! It is also wonderful to make shrimp with pineapple kabobs! You will love the versatility of it! The amazing meat we used came from the Butcher Shoppe in Pensacola Florida and you can order our spices and your meat to be delivered direct to your door! We never cook a steak without our GrillGrates! A must have for your indoor or outdoor grill! Links below. Try this today!

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