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Steak 101 Cont'd: How to make the best Steak in your life! The Coulotte Steak, aka Picanha - YUM!

This easy and fast family meal can be cooked on gas, charcoal or even an indoor grill! Using World Champion winning LSR, Lisa's Steak Rub you can have dinner ready in a flash! The Coulotte, also known as a Picanha steak is a Brazilian steak house favorite and soon to be your families favorite too! It is super tender, from the top sirloin section of the cow and is just as tender as a filet and more flavorful. Serve it traditionally with Chimichurri sauce, with fresh herbs that are the perfect compliment to this amazing steak! We are using a reverse searing method here, by first getting the grill marks and then placing it on the cooler side of the grill until it comes to a temperature of 128 degrees F for medium rare. See temp chart to determine your desired doneness.

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